Welcome To Walking Out Of Widowhood – The Widow Recovery Secrets

As a Widow Survivor of nearly 10 years, we guide you from Grief Recovery to Transformational growth (Grace). We do this through Life and Grief Coaching, one to one and Group Coaching. What makes our Coaching unique is that we work with you to find a new kind of beauty that is often marred by Grief. Grief has a way of tainting and impacting how we glean the world after such a devastating life experience.

We create further awareness through:
  • Our Podcast ‘Widow Recovery Secrets’ sharing my Personal Journey of Loss to Thriving!
  • I cover specific topics from my eBook ‘Walking out of Widowhood’. From the first realization you are actually no longer part of a ‘Couple’ to managing the varying waves of emotions that can surface!
  • Our Articles go deeper into the various emotions you might experience on your Recovery Journey. Such as ‘Loving Again’ and Acceptance.
Who is Yemi Majekodunmi?

Yemi Majekodunmi is a Mental Health Professional, Life Coach to Single Women and Widows from 40 years old, a Podcast host, and an Author.

She holds over 27 years of working in the field of Positive Mental health Empowerment.

She is accredited in ILM Social Care Mental Health Management! She is a Psychologist, holds qualification skills in Coaching, Mentoring and Counselling. She has a passion to empower and encourage women.

Her experience is in Positive Mental Health, Holistic Fitness, and Crisis Management. Facilitating and leading Women Educational Workshops. Plus extensive one to one work, using Counselling, Mentoring and Coaching Skills. She is a passionate Speaker on Grief Recovery and on holistic female well being.

As a Life Coach

We use Life Coaching to facilitate change in the lives of Widows and Single women coping with personal disappointment.

As the demographic for Widows is so wide, I have found Widows and Single women, responding organically to our work. This is the market we have now decided to direct my work.

My E-book – Walking out of Widowhood

The E-book “Walking out of Widowhood” gives a simple yet impactful expression of Yemi’s journey. This gives you practical tips on developmental strategies, and solutions to each challenge you could face when processing at least the first two years of your loss.

This E-Book is an outlier testimonial of a personal journey of loss to recovery. It gives you an insight into transformational grief and how to steadfastly ride the storm.

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