The Loss Of My Beloved Late Husband Changed Everything

The Loss Of My Beloved Changed Many Things.

When it Began – What ‘Walking out of Widowhood’ means!

The Loss of my beloved late husband in 2013 changed the complete trajectory of my life. It meant I lost my sweetheart that I had known for 27 years. I was 21 and he was 23 when we met.

The question when it happened was, how am I going to survive this? I had experienced different human losses in my life but never one as close. Not the man I had so many dreams and plans with.

When you lose a Spouse, your future could die with that person, if you are not very careful. The only physical hope at that moment is the children you made and shared.

On this Journey, I had to turn to my Spiritual living Hope who was God my sound foundation of faith.

So for the first 6 months of loss, I took time off work and needed quiet time and meditation to find my new life Plan and guide to walk the future.

It was in the silence I felt a spiritual prompt that stated I should start ‘Walking Out Of Widowhood’

This is where the name comes from.

This prompt energized my fearless faith to believe that I will make it. The walking out then brought an inner determination not to be drowned by my loss.

The Grief that came with my loss was like being in the midst of a huge ocean. Every consequence of new decisions or choices could consume or overwhelm me if I allowed it.

The ‘Walking Out’ prompt made me more alert of emotional and pending pitfalls.

So I had to define for myself what walking out of widowhood would look like for my practical day and for my children.

So I formed a personal Confession which was and still is ‘ I shall not be drowned by loss’

Then I had to have a practical Plan. These are the Questions I asked myself:

1. What do I want my future to look like?

2. How am I going to pursue a new dream?

3. To keep my heart open to love humanity and someone special again.

So, I had to action the above.

1. The focus was to be strong in my Prayer life – go deeper with the lord, as I always believe that is where I gain ultimate wisdom. Because where Man’s Wisdom finishes, God’s just begins.

2. I had to find practical resources – books to read and new positive connections to make, to strengthen my walking out of widowhood. I found books of people who had survived widowhood. Plus connecting with a widow who walked alongside me and my family.

3. I drew up a practical Map plan of my life, starting in very few steps. My philosophy was one day at a time.

One key to ‘Walking Out of Widowhood’ is being spiritually and physically proactive. So next week I will touch on what sustains your proactivity! Watch this space.

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