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As a Widow do you need some practical support to enhance your grief journey? At whatever stage you are our Widow Recovery Secrets will help you with the right information.

I am a Life and Grief Coach to Widows and Single Women from 40 years old.

Providing Coaching when you have journeyed for at least 3 years in Grief recovery. Our Podcast ‘Widow Recovery Secrets’ Serves Widows at any stage of their journey.

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Staying Fearless after Relationship Loss.


Hope deferred makes the Heart Sick, But when the desire comes, it is a tree of Life.’

Your Recovery starts from within.

Be careful of what you convince yourself of.

Time and Patience grants you renewed Strength.

There is Beauty yet to discover in your Present.

New Dreams Can Come From Pain.

You only need to Dare to Dream a New one for your future.

Time grants you a new journey to discover.

Gain timeless insights from our Widow Recovery Secrets. They are a series of strategies that help Widows find their way through the loss the loss of a Spouse.

The Widow Recovery Secrets Framework grants you the following:

  • Increase your sense of purpose and meaning in life,
  • Improve your self-esteem and confidence,
  • Reduce your stress and enhance Well being,
  • Tap into opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery,
  • Improve your ability to form new friendships/relationships.

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Yemi Majekodunmi

Life and Grief Coach