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Money Wisdom 4 widows

This Enote gives you fresh insights into understanding Money. These successful principles will enable you to have a positive relationship with money. What is this book about.

What you Should Know after 9 years Widowed!

This short Enote has been inspired from journeying as a widow for 9 years. I share how you can transition through different levels of Hope and purpose, and the endless opportunity to discover more!

It aims to encourage your recovery and also give you insight on how resilient you can become,as you evolve.

This gives you insights on acceptance and deeper self realization. You get 7 pearls of wisdom that prepare and strengthen your journey.

Walking Out Of Widowhood

This is an impactful and amazing E-Book that gives you an outlier experience of Loss to Recovery. Walking out of widowhood is a Spiritual walk that happens within first.

Find out how personal Joy enables you to continually ride the storm of loss. Plus grasp how to Dare to Dream a new Dream.

Uncover emotional Roadblocks resisting your new relationships.


The Purpose of this enote is to give and demonstrate how to use powerful words from God’s timeless manual to revert personal daily challenges that impact the human mindset. 

This enote is a practical piece of work that is attempting to teach you the power of the spoken word, especially words from God’s word – the Bible. 

The latter is a living word that has existed for about 2700 years and it will change every situation in your life when confessed daily.