Walking Out Of Widowhood

Walking out of widowhood starts as a inner desire to seek recovery from loss. You being open to use successful tools to recover and be holistically stronger.

Our Podcast Widow Recovery Secrets guides you on our successful journey from loss to thriving as a Widow.

Widow Recovery Secrets aims to enable you to apply tools to encourage, stirring you gradually to believe in yourself, that you can recover from loosing your spouse.


Walking out of widowhood begins as a positive thought. With a personal determination not to be defeated by loss.

Your emotions start to translate into your actions. So your journey of Recovery begins.

We all have a unique purpose in life. The intention to fight with all your might to not be drowned by loss, enhances your recovery Mindset.

Just the decision to choose to be happy even when you do not really feel it just yet, can be transformational.

Your emotional strength is also engineered by having someone to walk alongside you.

when you lose your spouse it is life shattering and devastating. You are forced immediately into a new identity. That is Singleness.

This is exceptionally hard and traumatic at any age, no matter how long you were a couple.

The effects of the loss brings in a wave of mixed emotions, setting you off balance. You almost lose all sense of purpose.

There is a need for you to find at least one positive in your life.

This will keep you focused at least before getting the support required.

Despite how grim it looks now – you can find hope and beauty from your world again.

There is always a way forward.

One action that helped my journey of recovery was when I started writing my eBook a year after my loss.

The inspiration came from realizing that I had successfully journeyed the first year of my husband’s passing.

You must not underestimate the power of expressing your pain through your own written words.

As you discover yourself during this journey, you will start to evolve over the years, to uncover what you want in ‘Singleness’ and for your future.

This is the experience I share in my eBook ‘Walking Out of Widowhood’. Download your copy now from Amazon.

You will eventually learn to Dare to Dream a new Dream!

Life has much more to offer you! You will need time to be kind to yourself and access all the support you will need. Life Coaching becomes more applicable when you want more clarity in setting and identifying your intention/goals for the future. My Podcast Widow Recovery Secrets gives you further insight on how you know you are ready to make different decisions and more.

Why you must get out of an endless cycle of negative emotions!

Studies have shown that rumination, or constantly dwelling on the past, is linked to depression. This could be why people find themselves stuck in their memories. It reminds them of moments of joy and loss, experiencing the trauma of their lives again and again.

When we reach the Apex of Grief, it can be a difficult and overwhelming experience. We may feel trapped and unable to move forward as if we are stuck in an endless cycle of negative emotions.

You do not want this for your life or anyone you Care for.

You must fight relentlessly to get out of an endless cycle of negative emotions. You need to recognize these feelings because they can quickly spiral out of control, leading to different destructive behaviors.

With the awareness tools shared in Widow Recovery Secrets Podcast, you can learn to identify the different waves of emotions and steps to take forward.

I have been on this journey for nearly 10 years and it is not an easy journey. However you have it in you to fight above the waves of grief. Discover tools and strategies from our articles, Podcast and connect to our Life Coaching provision.

There is beauty to discover in your present life despite what you might be feeling now.

Dare to dream a new Dream.

  • Open your heart, receive love and support.
  • Learn to identify what you feel at each present moment. This impacts your actions.
  • Be open to see this process as one of self discovery and reinvention..


  • Life & Grief Coaching is for the Widow evolving in Grief.
  • For Widows and Single Woman from 40 years old.
  • As a Widow you have been in recovery for at least 3 years.
  • Open to make new choices in relationships.
  • Coaching is offered as One to One or in Groups.
  • We offer also Work based Workshops on :-
  • Stress Management and Well being Workshops.
  • Positive Mental Health Awareness Workshops.
  • Managing Grief and Self care.

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for Single Women. .



  • Be part of a growing tribe of Single women & Widows evolving in grief/ loss, to uncover healthier choices open to you.
  • Learn and understand your reaction to situations and events.
  • Embrace the impact of the influence and momentum gained when working in groups.
  • Educate yourself and colleagues on Positive Mental Health.
  • Gain awareness on consistent self care benefits.
  • Explore how to embrace change, and opportunities in crisis.


  • A Fearless, focused and Positive mindset.
  • Positive developmental skills.
  • Applicable learning skills.
  • Transformational growth.
  • Skills to ask the right questions and understand bias.
  • A consistent system to assess, obtain and goals.
  • Maintain Momentum and Purpose to see plans through.
  • Realize and grasp new dreams.
  • Positively Reinvention yourself.
  • Gain inspiration and be a positive force for change.

What are Widow Recovery Secrets?

Widow Recovery Secrets are a series of strategies experienced from my journey of loss, to thriving.

When ready and open to explore your new future our Widow Recovery Secrets is a service given by Podcast, and via Coaching.

As a Mental Health Professional for over 27 years, I am a Mentor and Life Coach, here to work with you to find beauty in your present world.

I coach from a Journey of Grief Recovery to Transformational (Grace) change.

The Framework used is the Widow Recovery Secrets Framework. Working you through tools that enable you to see what your various options are for your future.

Our primary objective

At Widow Recovery Secrets, our primary objective is to help Widows to belief they can recover. Eventually rebuild a new life.

We understand that life can be hard for those who have lost a loved one, and we want to help them find the courage and strength to move forward.

We provide support through our recovery programs, which are designed specifically for this purpose.

Our programs will not only help you cope with your loss but also give you the tools you need to begin reinventing yourself.

We believe that by helping Widows reclaim their dreams, we can make a positive impact on society.

What are Main areas of focus?

Walking out of Widowhood and its Widow Recovery Secrets is provided from the Recovery Phase to what you will identify as transformational. The Focus is on:

  • Actions: We help to guide you on the right actions to take,
  • Progress: We walk with you to measure your progress along the way,
  • Continuity: We help you to be sure that you are not alone but continue to work on yourself,
  • Habits: You can count on us to reinforce your positive habits and mindset for success,
  • Recovery: In the end, and most importantly, you will learn how to heal yourself and build a better you.

This is a testimonial of my personal experience through Recovery from the loss of my late husband. At first, I was devastated and I thought I would never come out of the pain and sorrow, but I have and that is how I know that you can do it too.

All that I have learned and gained is included in my framework – “Widow Recovery Secrets”.

You can explore more of my personal journey by getting my eBook. Click here Walking out of Widowhood on Amazon.