This gives you the foundational truth to being able to walk out of Widowhood. It is a Widow Recovery Secret that will also stand the test of time. This aims to give you greater in sight into how we are formed as individuals – the 3 components that make you human. In understanding this, this will help you manage your emotions, in all situations. This includes navigating the loss of a Spouse and during the present cost of living crisis. Or when you receive other devastating news. I give you ten tips on how to practically guard your emotions, to ensure your holistic wellness.


The ability to avoid being impacted by your emotions is to understand firstly that as human beings we are born in God’s image. A human being consists of Spirit, Soul, and Body. The ability to protect your soul enables you to manage what impacts your emotions. The Soul is man’s life. It is man’s real self, his complete self.

A relationship with God enables you to develop a Spirit which guards your Soul. Having such a relationship gives meaning and purpose to our lives on earth. What does it profit a man Jesus asked when he walked the earth, if a man gained the whole world in money, wealth and fame but lost his Soul? The answer is Nothing. Mark 8:36.


The prosperity of your Soul relies 100% on attaching yourself to God. You ask how do I do this? By literarily asking God to forgive you of all things you have done wrong, (by confessing I am sorry for my sins, saying you accept Jesus Christ into your life, and you believe he is the lord and saviour of your life.’

The Holy Spirit will have an affinity with your spirit- renewing it and making it more sensitive to things of God.

You ask that simple? Yes, it is. That’s why the Bible refers to having childlike faith. By faith you start on a new road – growth comes by fellowship with others of like minds and reading the Bible to continue to seek understanding of your step of faith.

The stronger your Spirit, the more empowered is your Soul to manage circumstances that impact your emotions.


While physically different things can impact your emotions and the level it affects you varies from one person to another. This depends on how vulnerable in nature you are. Some individuals can continue to thrive despite challenges, while some are less resilient. The stronger your Spirit the more able you are to weather storms that impact your emotions.

You build a natural resilience that enables you to bounce back much quicker. This is not in isolation but working with other people of similar strength and faith.


So how do we avoid being impacted by our emotions? You must protect your Spirit! A guarded Spirit directed by the action points below will strengthen the way your emotions are impacted.

1.You must make a conscious effort daily to say to self that you are going to be Happy.

2.Life will always happen or is still happening with its ups and downs. It is how you decide to respond that counts.

3.Maintain a level of emotion insulation is key that is guarding what you watch with your eyes, what you ear with your ears and what you speak out of your mouth.

4.The word states that your eyes are the gateway to your Soul. What you view becomes what you love and keep as important in your Soul, therefore impacting heart and mind. Consequently, impacting how you see and react to things.


5.The word teaches on guarding what you hear. Too much of hearing negative and disturbing news or stories will distort your pure thoughts. This can make you anxious and experience feelings of anticipated doom.

6.What you say is also important. Do not let profanity come out of your mouth. As you speak so it shall be. The Bible states there is life and power on your tongue. Please confess life equals positive things. E.g., I will not die rather than I am going to die. Oh, I will find a job despite it all, rather than I will never work! What you confess you become. Speaking negatively around your children brings in negative thoughts and attitudes on them too.

What I’m I trying to say? Select the life you want to live! Select to hear positive news or things around you. Watch only things that encourage life and lift your Spirit, Soul, and body. Constantly hearing and watching positive things will naturally translate into what you speak out of your mouth.

7.Keep and maintain positive people around you.

8.Mentor someone new at learning what you have already learnt.

9.Find people who are more experienced than you to Mentor you and look up to.

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The stronger your Soul the more you are empowered to deal with emotional crisis. You will grief for the loss of your spouse, but you will be able to gradually recover and strengthen others around you. As the word states you will not grief forever like one who has no hope.

So, I am encouraging you today to dare to dream greater, as there is always Hope after of loss.


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