I am writing today about time and change. On how these two events are natural processes of life.

How time and change impacts of your journey of walking through widowhood. How with time and change beauty can be seen in the loss experienced. Plus, five timeless keys to engineer your productive lifestyle.

Time is the continued sequence of existence and events that occurs in an irreversible succession from the past, through the present, into the future.

Change is a general transition of something or phase to another state condition.

Managing Time and Change is the success Equation of life. Time and change are the only two things in life that are given to you and are in equal measure.

The future therefore belongs to those who grasp at life and prepare for it.

Time and change come to all of us. We all get older in age and as we do so we evolve, hopefully grow, and then see things through a different lends. So, in the context of time and change the grief you experience journeying through walking through widowhood changes. The grief becomes smaller as you get stronger and evolve as a person. Your success to reach whatever stage you are at in your journey has enabled you to grow and change into one much stronger and resilient. This can now be translated into being much bolder in reaching for dreams or aspirations you might have been afraid to grasp before your loss.

Time and change start to mould you into a newer version of yourself. You no longer want to do the work you did when bereft, you choose to engage a coach to collaborate with you to explore other opportunities in which you can transfer your skills. You start to appreciate more of what your current needs are, focusing less on your past.

The impact of time and change on your journey of walking out of widowhood, makes you see that the quality and extension of your life, will depend on the wiser and healthier choices you make.

From walking out of widowhood are glimpses of beauty and joy too. Time and change bring beauty out of your sorrow. You see beauty in those loved ones left behind. For example, our children evolve in time and change. They grow up and become mini versions of you and your late spouse. However, within the change and with time gestures made or words spoken by them sound in many ways like their late father and my late husband.

I was with my daughter over the weekend, and she left for work and after finishing work she told me she saw a friend of hers and companion. As she was so pleased to see them, she drove back to pick them up and took them for a light lunch etc. When she told me this I gasped with joy and said this is exactly what your daddy will do.

Or simple physical gestures and mannerisms by the children remind me of my late husband. Time and change have allowed me to rejoice over such expressions as my gradual recovery through walking out of widowhood has made me stronger to see the beauty out of past sorrow.

Time and change also reinforces the need to decide on forming and intentionally finding a new companion to share the future. As time and change evolves the need to share your life becomes more apparent as it is something you were fortunate to have before. The mission may be to mingle more socially or find a suitable dating app in which to find a new genuine companion.

Time and change remind you that none of us live forever, so you want to tap into your best life now. I have decided to go Solo travelling this year with other Solos using reputable companies that caters for the needs of the Confident and fearless traveller. As time and change moves so fast just waiting for friends to commit to your plans can seem like time not being used or invested well.

This will not be an action I would have taken when my husband was alive. Time and change have emboldened me to see and take this as a choice to make. You never know what can happen when you make bold strides. The universe naturally opens up to you.

Five keys to prepare for a greater and productive life are.

1.Expand your sphere of competence.

2.Evict bad fear from your life. 

3.Align your vision to benefit humanity. It must outlive you.

4.Always be in a state of preparedness.

‘Only when the tide goes out do you learn who’s been swimming naked’ (Warren Buffet)

5.5 highly contagious traits are integrity, impeccable character, Temperament, good judgement and Bravery.


Your journey of walking out of widowhood operates in the context of time and change. Grief evolves and presents a different phase at each turn of time and change. This enables you to perceive the silver linings that appear despite the pain of loss. So, as you walk through widowhood time and change allows you to reprioritize and reappreciate, what and who has been left behind to evolve you  into greater versions of self.

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