Have the “courage” to Love again: Keep your heart open.

This article aims to encourage you on the fact that a bruised heart from adversity can heal, and open up to love again. I will explain how to keep your heart open and one of the qualities you will need to hone to successfully thread this water of loving again.

As a young child I always appreciated the companionship that a sound and loving relationship of marriage gave to individuals. These I admired from a distant as I experienced the tumultuous pain of growing up a broken home. For many years it underpinned an inner desire in me to want and maintain a good marriage when the opportunity arose.

So, when I met my late husband in my early twenties, I appreciated his gentleness and patience. These were qualities I required to complement my spontaneous, fiery and gregarious nature.

Although he proposed to me a year after we had met, I was not able to commit to marriage until 9 years later. Why, I had to heal from my broken past before I could take this step. However, he waited patiently until I was ready. It gave him also room to grow into greater maturity.

However ,one thing I learnt from delaying being married was that I had not honed my courage muscle as much – so fear must have underpinned my delay.

With the beauty of being loved in marriage and loosing him, I held on despite adversity to a faith that I will want to love and be loved by another man again. To maintain this dream, I had to do three things.

1 I had to be Courageous.

2.Avoid unforgiveness and bitterness.

3.Consciously keep my heart open.

Courage is what I am writing about today

If you are at that point in your life were you are tired of being on your own, you are feeling stronger in your grief recovery, change is what you might need.      

However, some level of courage is required when you decide to make any change. For example wanting to find a new relationship requires courage.

There is a tendency to stay in a place  where we feel more comfortable. To get effective results you have to try something you have never done before. So, courage will be the muscle you will need to hone.

The courage to self-prepare and to step out are actions that your courage will under pin. Just owning 50% of courage gives you a jump start. The more you action what you are most afraid of doing the stronger your courage muscle become.

The stronger your courage increases your leverage by miles. This allows you to cast your vision of change and growth wider a field, than within your immediate circle.

Be strong and courageous is the phrase God used continuously to encourage Joshua in the Bible when given the baton of leadership. Courage is the ability to do something that one is afraid to do.

It is an inner super strength we all have to draw on, when faced with situations that appear unsurmountable.

You have to courageously lead in most decisions of personal change and growth. When you do succeed and greater access opens up to you.

Courage overrides your limitations

Courage overrides that limiting voice that attempts to inform you of  you not being able to action your dreams.

It keeps you on track despite  how challenging the journey may be. It propels you to step forward.

Courage is what you need to make that decision to stop being alone. To explore ways of how to meet and interact with good people to make new connections. The amount of courage you summon will make it less difficult.

The decision for example to register on a dating site takes courage. To go to a social where you barely know anyone and interact requires courage.

Admitting you might need a Coach to help build your courage takes courage too. Or leaving the 9-5 routine of work, to being self-employed takes courage. You might have done all of these and more. Each season of a required change will need another level of courage.

Step out of your comfort zone

The more we step out of our comfort zones the more we test our courage level and at the same time strengthen it.

We all have a level of courage in us. The parameter of your courage grows gradually until it is 100%. This will give you an unfair advantage for any decision of acting change.

So, draw from the level of courage you have today to change that situation that is twisting you in knots. e.g., loneliness. Do you need some help with a current relationship that constantly challenges you? Or are you ready to date again but do not know how? We are never too old to start again.

When you do find your soulmate, you will find:

‘Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,

While loving someone deeply gives you courage. ‘By ©anasrose

You find your courage and gain more from the power of two.

Do not accept being alone for years if it is not where you really want to be!!

So, Courage is a quality that will engineer actions you have not taken for years. When we do not action what we dream, we allow fear to win. When recovering from the loss of a spouse, you need Courage to navigate your way to the other side.

 One thing losing a spouse does, it makes you appreciate the power of two – being able to one again and be loved by another.  

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