Today I am writing on how your work environment impacts your self-perception and growth. I will give factors that make your work environment conducive for growth and thriving.

Plus, what to look for when looking at a new work environment to join.

I will give you five tips on how to exit work environments not serving you holistically.

This article aims to give you an understanding on how your work environment impacts your personal wellbeing. You spend a lot of hours at work, so it is important to pick a healthy environment especially when vulnerable as a widow.

This will include how your work environment impacts a perception of self. This consequently influences personal growth and the ability to thrive. Life and circumstances will take you to different work settings, with people with different personal experiences. The more we spend time with people in the same environment we can become influenced and impacted by them.

So, we start to see ourselves as those people in your environment see you. It is important to hold on to your own personal beliefs and values, as those you spend the most time ,influence your values and beliefs.

Sometimes when you find you are not growing or thriving you need to come out of that environment or influence that has held you in that view or perception. The environment we are in is very impactful or what we see daily becomes the measure of how you start to measure yourself and worth.

The atmosphere of a workspace often influences an employee’s mindset and growth. Employees working in a positive work environment may feel more motivated to produce high-quality work consistently. Learning what a positive working environment involves may help you boost collaboration and improve productivity.

What is a positive working environment?

A positive working environment is an atmosphere that a workplace promotes that affects the staff’s growth, attitude, and mindset. Having a work environment that is positive may help employees feel satisfied at their company. Companies can achieve a positive environment by maintaining a healthy company culture, which may include encouraging employee growth, promoting communication and helping employees feel comfortable and safe in the workplace.

What are the benefits of a positive working environment?

Here are four benefits that you may encounter when working for a company that has a decent work environment:

1. Boosts productivity

When working for an organisation that maintains a happy work environment, you may feel encouraged and motivated to finish more work. This may help you finish more tasks throughout your workday, which can lead to management trusting you with more responsibility. You may also produce a higher quality of work since you might feel prepared to finish your duties more efficiently.

2. Improves growth mindset

A workplace that encourages a healthy work environment may help employees have a growth mindset. This is when individuals focus on developing their skills to grow themselves and their company. Companies with a positive environment may encourage employees to grow their skills to help them achieve career advancement. They may also provide employees with the tools they need to grow, like mentorship opportunities or development seminars.

3. Increases collaboration

A positive work environment often allows for collaboration among employees. This can allow for staff to make friends, build professional relationships, and grow their network. Increased collaboration may also allow employees to support each other, which may help employees achieve their goals.

4. Improves employee morale

Employee morale is the attitude and mindset that employees have while working. A company’s work environment affects employee morale. If a company has a positive environment, employees may have boosted morale. This can lead to higher satisfaction and a driven mindset.

Types of positive work environments

Companies may use one of the following work environments, or they can have different elements from each environment. Here are two diverse types of positive work environments that companies may have:

Team-based work environment

A team-based work environment encourages collaboration in the workplace. Many workplaces that have this type of environment structure their projects and task to incorporate teamwork. For example, management may create various teams to finish a project together, rather than having employees finishing projects separately. Many team members share responsibilities in this environment, and they can create bonds with one another while improving their teamwork skills.

Independent work environment

An independent work environment encourages employees to work separately from their colleagues. This may allow them to choose the working style that best suits them, rather than coordinating their working style to members of their team. Employees working in this environment may feel that they have more control over the work they produce, and they may develop their own skills individually. Workplaces may have employees complete some projects individually while completing others on a team so that they can receive positive benefits from each work environment.

3 Features of a work environment that is positive.

A positive working environment has several noticeable factors. To better understand this atmosphere, it is important to know its common attributes so you can look for them with your current or future employer. Here are some characteristics of a work environment that is positive:

Productive atmosphere

A positive environment for work has a calm atmosphere that leads to greater productivity. When you can work with minimal distractions, you are more likely to stay on task and accomplish more of your daily responsibilities. It also means you can work in a stress-free setting that promotes your cognitive performance and physical well-being.

Honest communication

Healthy work environments include clear communication between various members of an organisation. This includes communication between employees and upper management and between coworkers themselves. When you can ask questions and receive feedback, it can help you feel valued in the workplace. It also allows you to grow by receiving open, constructive feedback.

For example, if you are working on a new project that requires brainstorming, you can get ideas from your colleagues. Knowing you can ask them questions and receive honest feedback can help you grow your professional relationships and improve your overall quality of work.

Growth opportunities

It is important to work in a positive environment where you are encouraged to grow your individual skills and strengths. This can help you find contentment in your job. This facet of a positive work environment is important because it means you can advance in your field with the support of your employer, manager, and coworkers. Also, the more motivated you are, the greater the quantity and quality of work you can produce.

How do you find your way out of an environment that does not allow you to thrive any longer.

I will give you five points:

  1. You must plan on how to remove yourself from such unprofitable settings.

By writing and actionable plans that get you closer to your dream daily. You must be able to measure and feel the impact of such actions taken daily.

  • You must retrain your mind daily to refocus on what new dreams you want to achieve.

This could mean listening to high achievers who have been where you are and have made it out of the most stagnating environment.

3.You must write your plans and objectives, keeping them before your eyes daily. It is the first thing you see when you wake up on your desktop and the last thing you see before you go to sleep.

4. You seek the direct help of people doing what you are doing – join positive professional groups/or practical masterclasses to rewire and reignite dreams held but dead.

5.Sometimes practical learning rather than theoretical learning allows you to shave off years of learning. This means it will take lesser years to acquire the knowledge required. Learn or gain knowledge or accreditation where you can practice and learn at the same time.

Remember to make the change you ideally want must come from you first. Then other factors will start to align.

Remember part of my work is to be your Coach – helping you to resolve that one problem that has kept you in knots for many years. Do you know that your Coach is your personal confident believing you have all that you need for success in you. A good coach collaborates with you to identify these strengths. I wish you continue to prosper and thrive.

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