How to sustain ‘Recovery Proactivity’ when walking out of Widowhood.

In this article I am going to cover some key factors that ensure you remain proactive during your recovery period as a Widow. And what things or acts to avoid.

The Key to successfully being initiative-taking in your recovery from grief is based purely within you. That is how strong you are in your Soul. This starts from your faith, values, and beliefs.

3 key Questions to ask yourself!

1.What do you define yourself by?

2. How do these factors impact your thought processes and actions?

3.Who is your Mentor or Coach – one you are accountable to and guides/questions your decisions at each phase they are made?

Who do you want to be in your New ‘Singleness’?

When you lose a spouse and life partner, it means all the plans and vision you had with that person have been shifted and diverted at that very moment. This impacts your personal identity.

The Christian Marital Vows you take as husband and wife before God are very binding and powerful. As the covenant of Marriage was not created by Man but by God. For more on Marriage get my eBook on The Covenant Marriage and Benefits’ here

So when death’s sting comes to disrupt your Creator’s plan’s for marriage it can disrupt your whole sense of who you are and what you might want to be like going further. So you have to personally address who you are now in your Singleness, what values and beliefs to hold going forward. This will be the foundational stepping stone to your recovery. For more on this enquire about my Coaching Package on ‘How to Reinvent Self’

How to manage and enhance your thoughts!

The next most crucial part of your recovery – day by day is how you grow and strengthen your thought processes. You must instruct your mind on the fact that despite your loss and present circumstances you cannot be defeated by grief. What you confess becomes what you think and what you think interpret into action. So remember there is life and death on your tongue – the Good Book states so. A Timeless Truth which should be your readable guiding light.

Who do you Choose as Mentor and Coach?

Who you choose to have walking along side of you at every stage of your recovery will be a choice you make on how you measure your self-worth, on how authentic you truly want to be and how courageous you really want to make strides in your recovery.

Whoever you choose to walk alongside you will embolden your walk of recovery. It will be a series of people or community that will play this role in your recovery. Please stay away from the thoughts that might want to convince you that you will

 do well on your own. This is not true!

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Your biggest wins are in pursuing your self-discovery on defining who and what you are now in your new singleness. This will very much depend on the beliefs and values you choose to be so important to your life going forward. Managing what you say to yourself will impact your thoughts and actions. Finally, who you associate with will seal many of your wins.

Your success in finding your way through loss requires being proactive using the 3 fundamentals mentioned and other practicalities that work for you.

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