‘Beauty out of Ashes’ when walking out of Widowhood!

The month of December has always been a special month as I celebrate my year of Life. However, in 2013 this was presented as a different and shocking narrative, as my husband passed away. It has been the most challenging event in my life.

However, reflecting on after 8 years it has given me a greater purpose for living. A new perspective on death and the importance of Soul preservation. I have found that beauty can come from loss and fearless faith of non-defeat.

I have reinvented my life by determining to claim much more from what life offers. It took a year at least to physically start to navigate my way through loss, a personal prompt to start removing my sack cloth came from within. It was quite incomprehensible, but the effects became apparent in my actions.

Loss has given me a passion to empower widows in recovery and new vision.

A year after my loss I was inspired to write my E-Book Walking out of widowhood, self-published in 2020.I refer to my loss as a walking as it continues to evolve and as it does, I become emboldened.

I have since become an Author, Blogger, Podcast Host and Life Coach. I believe our lives do not just happen but her preordained before the beginning of time.

5 things I have learnt –

1.The fearless Faith you hold is crucial to enabling a successful navigation through widowhood. Grief has a way of sinking the most resilient.

2.The human Soul has a natural inner gift to heal and recover once you decide that is what you want. With sound spiritual nurturing of mind, body, and soul you can arise to live a new and stronger life.

3.The human soul can love so many times. We are created to connect and reconnect with others throughout our lives. Living on your own forever must be your lot if it is not what you want. Life offers so many opportunities.

4.We should never underestimate the role people can play in our lives to heal, build, and walk along side. The one you least expect can be the most empowering and influential. Often presenting as the unfamiliar and thought provoking.

5.We can reinvent ourselves so many times. Every challenge is an opportunity to redefine self and strive for greater while impacting others.

Death up close, made me ponder where our Souls go after death. It is a question to ask self. Is there greater to expect in eternity?

As a woman of Christian faith, I believe in a greater hope after death, and this anchors the Soul when we lose someone so dear. Death is never the end. There is a greater hope to be had. Is your soul prepared for eternity? It is something we must consider.

You are body, Spirit, and soul, so please take heed of where you want your soul to reside after death.

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